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Motolora rolls out much money brand-new domain of RFID outspread whole world
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Motolora company (NYSE: MOT) mobile business rolled out the enterprise recently much money is brand-new RFID (wireless radio frequency identifies) product and upgrade program, enlarged a product to supply area domain, with satisfying the demand for service of client of world each district better. Motolora and cooperation of global partner concerted effort, consolidated its lead a position in the whole world that crosses numerous domain market further.

Motolora is in RFID to try the foremost edge that executive level drives after moving, for instance the project class stock of retail trade dogs, the wrap up of aviation domain dogs and MRO (safeguard, repair and heavy repair) , the high price of the IT asset management of financial domain and energy field is worth asset management. Inside global limits, near future deploy the client of RFID product has: Content of foliaceous water blessing flows (YCH Logistics) the company of technology of German Chinese Sha with Yayasan Sabah Group, Europe (Lufthansa Technik) , the Chile of South America group of flower beauty resources (Anglo American Chile) , Liverpool company and Mexican masses (Volkswagen Mexico) ; The Qatar of middle east is postal (Qatar Posts) ; American dress firm of the United States (American Apparel) , CostPlus World Market and Daimler Trucks LLC.

ABI Research considers to show, motolora is in year compared to the same period outstanding achievement and business growth respect are in an industry lead position, showed driving shipment ability, outstanding product innovation actual strength and abiding and firm market influence [1] . In the ultrahigh frequency passive that ABI Research near future announces RFID supplier is ranked (UHF Passive RFID Vendor Matrix) in, motolora depends on what lead two in product innovation actual strength and deploy to notch extremely high rank the first. In the meantime, motolora RFID is read take implement also be in the near future is retail information system news (Retail Information System, , RIS News) hardware manufacturer notchs the be among the best of candidates on a list of names posted up [2] .

Development of business of mobile business RFID and Joe White of sale department vice president represent Motolora company: "These affirmation that come from industry are mixed to our client broader market, revealed Motolora promoting RFID technology for a long time development and its conformity arrives efforts of respect of real business solution and acceptance. Motolora thinks RFID solution is helping operation of client monitoring business, what promote flow further is compact having indispensable effect with automation respect. On RFID product combination, we will continue to hold to the tradition that Motolora innovates ceaselessly, drive the improvement of specific application, will help a client achieve business goal. Will help a client achieve business goal..
The Michael Scheferhoff of RFID project manager of company of technology of German Chinese Sha points out: "Very rare company can support with experience of the product of innovation, deploy and whole world cash the acceptance that its get on in RFID. The equipment of Motolora and service support all the time very outstanding, it can be mixed formidably as us all the time the partner that has value extremely, roll out new product hand in hand with us. Roll out new product hand in hand with us..
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