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Speech choose lets accuracy rate rise 99.9%
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As a result of the good progress posture of Chinese economy, course of study of Chinese content abortion is in dovish in rapid development, how to get through significant investment older other people sheds redound to getting the attention of increasing enterprise. No matter be type of production,still be current deserve to send model content sheds establishment, hope to pass those who reduce circulating fund to take up, accelerate the inventory, accuracy that raises a client to service satisfaction is spent and deserve to send professional work, achieve finally increase a business the target of integrated competition ability.

Wireless choose technology, the paper choose sheet that replaced a tradition when speech choose especially, or transfer from wireless terminal choose when speech technology, came true to affirm real time, well and truly, interactively, in time wait for a function, promoted choose efficiency, lowered accident rate greatly.

The world's famous automation other people sheds a system the speech choose equipment of company of gram of peaceful of horse of compositive business heart and technology (content of the retail industry that Voice Picking) already was in abroad, cold chain, tripartite flows and food drink, electron, component, medicine, dress.

On the delibrate of speech choose technology that holds in Demataike and product news briefing, the person that attend the meeting arrives through the spot demonstrates racily to understand, choose personnel need not lower his head to watch the indication screen of hand-held computer when the operation through speech choose, also need not be in the label of one pile choose arduous ground is searched, need listen respectfully directive to be able to receive an instruction only. Speech computer has real time through RF link and lead plane or WMS alternant, with speech the command hints operator finishs the job, await next oral affirm or request.

Analytic data shows, when in processing breed measures huge application with choose, practical and advanced speech guides choose system to be able to reduce choose cost greatly, improve choose efficiency and reduce choose accident. Use this technology, choose personnel both hands can have operation freely, WMS system can change all sorts of choose instructions phrasal sound to dictate, operator carries out a result through speech feedback, put forward filling goods to ask to wait. The position affirms use desired result to pile up feedback, do not need to depend on a form code. The efficiency of the effect of speech choose and generation is clearly: Above all, when receiving choose to dictate, do not need to use hand and eye, exercise is smooth; Next, the photograph is more wireless hold terminal choose, efficiency raised 15% above; The 3rd, choose accuracy rate raises 99.9% ; The 4th, reduced operator to groom time, and reduced labor intensity.

The reporter understands, demataike besides automation stereo library is mixed corresponding system is compositive outside business, still one has rich experience to distributing to shed a group at the real time content of world each district (Real Time Logistics) , have the capacity that uses all sorts of IT and product to offer design of integral soft hardware for the user, the technology involves technology of choose of wireless terminal and application, speech, lamplight choose technology, bar code technology, RFID application, pattern recognition and fixed position to wait. Application is enclothed haven, manufacturing industry, fast consumable and wholesale and retail wait for an industry, rose to order fulfills efficiency and enhance the efficiency that supplies catenary government for the user.
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