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Add the note of electrolyte or water to accumulator
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Add electrolyte to accumulator or the following should notice when water:

Electrolyte passes plate high 10 to 15 millimeter can; Have the storage battery of two red line, electrolyte must not exceed on red line. Electrolyte can be built from accumulator completely too spill over in alveolus. Electrolyte electric conduction, once shed accumulator, lose polar between, can form loop to discharge oneself. Encounter this circumstance to answer electrolyte erase, or rinse rub-up with boiled water.

When adding electrolyte if the thing is dropped carelessly, ten million cannot be scooped up with metallic content, applied wood club places an impurity; If use iron wire or cupreous silk to scoop up, metallic element is corroding next entering vitriolicly accumulator is formed from discharge, and attaint accumulator.

Accumulator is in in filling discharge process, because electroanalysis,the water in electrolyte is met and evaporate and drop off, bring about electrolyte face to drop. If complement not in time, shorten likely the service life of accumulator, should complement in time distilled water, avoid by all means is replaced with drinkable and clean water. Because a variety of microelement are contained in clean water, can cause undesirable effect to accumulator.
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