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Operating rules of storage battery forklift- - (1)
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Applicable type: All sorts of model storage battery forklift
1, the starting rate that when starting, keeps proper, had not answered fierce.
2, the tension that notices to observe volmeter, if under limitation when voltage, forklift should stop to move instantly.
3, forklift is walking in the process, do not allow to pull use directional switch and change travel way, burn out in case electric equipment component and attaint gear.

4, travel and promotion are unfavorable undertake at the same time.
5, notice drive system, the sound that turns to a system is normal, discover unusual sound wants to remove trouble in time, forbidden in spite of illness works.
6, decelerate should shift to an earlier date when change.
7, when course of study of dirty of wronger way circumstance, its are important and proper reduce, should reduce travelling speed.
8, when content of carry cargo of carry of big gradient road surface, the firm rate that notes goods to go up in fork.
Serial number
Breakdown phenomenal case study
1, case when rising, happen vibrate
There is air in A, lifting jack
Oil of leakage of system of B, hydraulic pressure
C, inside gyro wheel of mast, fork wearing size and bearing are excessive wear away
D, two lifting chain degree of tightness not all
2, when having load, glide freely too fast
Pipeline and A, connect have leakage oil
The aperture of a powerful person of B, banked direction control valves / pilot valve lever or seal a circle to wear away, leak inside generation.
Annulus of bearing of piston of C, lifting jack / Y sealing ring wears away, leak inside generation.
3, load-lifting speed too slow or cannot rise litre
A, gasoline tank is short of oily
B, oil purifier jams
Oily temperature of C, hydraulic pressure is exorbitant, hydraulic pressure oil passes rare
Oil of leakage of pipeline of D, hydraulic pressure
Lever of E, a powerful person of banked direction control valves and body of a powerful person wear away
Oil pump is F, excessive wear away
G, banked direction control valves is adjusted pressure is improper
4, malfunction of apply the brake
Circuit of A, apply the brake produces open circuit
B, drawing electrode accuses the attrition in brake piece excessive wear away
C, brake loosens or make rotor gap is too big
5, breakdown of electric equipment part for example: Storage battery forklift does not have ongoing and regressive, promotion suddenly to do not have any report, forklift walks strongly, progressive rate cannot adjust etc.
Controlling a share is very complex circuit, the breakdown appearance that as a result of control problem place creates is very much, the electric equipment maintenance technician that grooms to doing not have a course had better not be maintained casually, if wiring is confused, can cause serious consequence. Proposal right now with electronic-controlled agency or connection of personnel of forklift manufacturer technology.
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