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Module of motivation of TCM communication forklift (inversion module)
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Storage battery forklift develops to what communicate frequency control by timing of dc behead wave, it is trend place to, it is the clearest that the advantage mies wife all right therein nevertheless. But it is to just started after all, the technology is very immature still, especially module of electric machinery drive, the reason of because its are low voltage, big electric current, its damage very easily. Take TCM forklift for, everybody and the friend that TCM communication forklift has contacted should know, how long of have more than is needed of a new forklift, to hydraulic pressure, walk the dynamical module of electric machinery power supply (dc changes communication inversion module, every groups 3, form 6 bridges arm, by dc, - turn into three-phase communication U, V, W) with respect to can indescribable attaint. Actually not strange also, new thing always should mature slowly rise, this not, what we had module of inversion of motivation of TCM communication forklift now is improved article. Merchandise on hand is supplied, and the price still compares the petty gain previously many oh! If you have the trouble of this respect, act at once! Contact we are right, contact means: TEL: 0512-57777686; FAX: 0512-57777687. Zhu Chunsheng, kun Shanming rises labour to control technical limited company.