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EV100 circuit board maintain a result
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GE EV100 is electronic-controlled and commonly used in the speed control circuit that waits at forklift. For instance join forces, haisite, hangzhou, BT forklift.
Circuit edition is IC3645LXCD1, use MCU[U7] to be 40 feet MC68705R5CP or MC68HC705SR3CP
Common breakdown has:
1, q14, 18, 17, 14, 19, 16 IRF740; Q20, 21 IRF9520 puncture.
2, circuit board sticks the 7 feet pottery and porcelain that the label is 358-5/1 HYPS5 a component KY easy puncture.
3, [U7]1 foot VSS and 2 feet restoration carry short circuit, the IC after electrify is calorific, overall do not work, oscillation sound is unusual.
The 3rd use even in the exemple burn collection regard highly to cook its program.