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The CAN-BUS technology application on forklift
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CAN-BUS technology brief introduction is the car carries the abbreviation with compositive technology of controller couplet net. The Chinese explanation of CAN is -- technology of controller couplet net, include drive system, comfortable sex system and information system 3 big board piece. CAN is bus line of data of a kind of real time essentially, do not need to give out the address of signal receiver, the data after signal dispatcher can code safety sends all receiver, high-speed CAN bus line can convey inside every millisecond the available data of 32bytes, every signal receiver reads the data that takes its place to need by oneself from bus line. Because CAN technology has extremely strong interference rejection capability and error correction capacity, be applied extensively on the communication contact of missile, plane and tank electron system by American army.
What CAN-BUS technology applies the earliest at system of car communication electron is Europe, specialized equipment is high-grade model. BMW 7 departments, run quickly the model such as A6 of S department, Ao Di contains CAN-BUS system. The biggest advantage that CAN-BUS technology equips depends on: Reduced the amount citing a base of the amount of wiring harness and controller interface, accelerated the transmission rate of information data thereby, reduced transmission mistake. Can come true quickly meanwhile online process designing, online diagnose, realize many controller the new function such as joint action. The communication node in CAN-BUS technology is executive unit of sensor of controller, intelligence and intelligence, the main function of this technology shows even if used few communication node to realize information of whole vehicle data to share.
The whole vehicle data that CAN-BUS system realizes is shared, make equip the whole that the car of this system makes an intelligence change, have ego adjustment capacity thereby. For instance, a car of CAN-BUS, should jockey when engine flameout, of CAN-BUS comfortable model the system will be in dormancy condition automatically, whole system is in state of report of lowermost bad news, save the sources of energy thereby use up. Once accept door open signal, need not start engine, the system is waked up to activation instantly, begin to accept everywhere the information that node passes, will truckload adjust optimal job position. The CAN-BUS technology that high intelligence changes, just like an astute chamberlain, do the thousands of strands and loose ends of a big family in an orderly way.