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Homebred forklift water is warm unusual examination and trouble removal
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After a CPC3L forklift is running time more than two years, occurrence engine water is warm unusual appearance. After cold Che Qi is moved, inside short time, water is warm lift quickly and appear boiling circumstance, just return to normal after complement adds cooling water. After be being checked in detail via undertaking to cooling system (meantime has changed early or late water pump, thermostat, fan belt) , did not discover apparent breakdown. To engine disintegrate is checked finally, discover the 3rd crock of cylinder bushing has the flaw with one long 25mm, change after cylinder bushing, trouble removal.
System of homebred forklift refrigeration is told from the structure simpler, form by the component such as cooling fan, radiator, thermostat commonly. Cooling fan often is driven directly by engine, and fan rotate speed and engine rotate speed agree. The control with warm cooling water basically relies on thermostat. This is used with what use on average car feeling is lukewarm implement pilot electron fan, contain adjust the radiator of shutter have bigger distinction. The characteristic of this kind of structure is maintenance goes to the lavatory, cost is low. Defect is not acute to the control with warm cooling water. The discretion with engine warm water basically is with thermostat whether regular job, water pump whether build enough pressure, cooling fan whether rotate speed of up to mark is concerned.
Judge the breakdown of cooling system to also answer whether do these element work normally from judgement proceed with.
1, the examination of thermostat
The thermostat that uses on engine at present is given priority to with candle type thermostat. Its main function index is to be in different water is warm next thermostat should have litre of different Cheng. Control the on any account with warm cooling water dynamicly thereby. To indissolubling body refrigeration system checks the stand or fall of thermostat, basically be to pass radiator wirereinforced suction hose and the difference in temperature that give conduit to come differentiate. In engine cold machine starts before paragraph inside time, into, give conduit to feel due and apparent difference in temperature with the hand, after working for some time, difference in temperature is apparently contractible. When engine reachs regular job temperature (80 ℃ - 90 ℃ ) when the feeling that use a hand already felt without apparent difference in temperature. The most accurate of course detect the method still gets off thermostat, its in park hot water, heat gradually, check litre of Cheng of the open temperature of valve and valve.
2, the examination of water pump
The dynamical source that cooling water circulates ceaselessly in cooling system comes from at water pump. Water pump whether building enough pressure is the key that cooling system works normally. When adding cooling water, if as engine rotate speed elevatory, cooling fluid face drops apparently, this explains water pump job is regular. Conversely, likely water pump and impeller loosen, cooling water cannot circulate. In homebred forklift engine, water pump, dynamo, cooling fan is common a leather belt, because the degree of tightness of this leather belt is spent,affect the rotate speed of water pump, fan, dynamo directly. What press next leather belt with finger is mid, next deflection should be in 11-13mm (CPC3L model) it is normal to be, too congress causes water lukewarm exorbitant, too small meeting causes loss to water pump bearing, dynamo bearing.
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