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Forklift maintains encyclopedia
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Operate a note:
1, classics groom and the driver of hold driving licence just can drive;
2, each control and alarm box are checked before drive, when damage like discovery or having drawback, answer to be operated after repair;
3, given load should not exceed when carrying, fork must insert goods entirely below, make goods is put on fork equably, needle of not allowable and individual fork carries goods;
4, undertake smoothly starting, change direction, travel, apply the brake and stop, in moisture or slick road surface, decelerate is needed when changing direction;
5, the travel that hold thing should lower goods, mast tilting back ward;
6, ramp travel should take in a reef, in be more than very one of ramp is travel when, answer uphill to overtake, declivous should back down travel, on, declivous avoid changes direction, forklift is when travel, do not undertake assembling and unassemble working please;
7, pedestrian, fraise and pothole road surface should notice when travel, notice the space of forklift upper part;
8, forbid a person to stand on fork, forbid to hold a person on the car;
9, forbid a person to stand below fork, or walk below fork;
10, forbid to hold vertical car and accessory beyond locally from department baseplate;
11, the goods that does not carry not fixed or inattentive stow, carry the goods with larger size carefully;
12, the tall mast forklift that load-lifting height is more than 3 meters should notice upper part goods drops, must adopt preventive measure when necessary; Should make as far as possible when the job mast tilting back ward, make around do all one can inside the least scope;
13, when adding fuel, the driver does not want on board, make engine flameout, checking storage battery or gasoline tank fluid when, do not want stir up trouble;
14, when leaving a car, drop fork touchdown, and archives handle is put in empty shelves position, engine extinguish open fight between factions disconnects power source, had pulled hand brake, when ramp jockeys, still must fill up a wheel with space block.
Of forklift maintain:
Want to make forklift job normal and reliable, play forklift is potential ability, should have often defend measure. Measure of technical care and maintenance, it is commonly:
1, safeguard daily, after every job.
2, one class technology maintains, after accumulative total works 100 hours, a duty is equivalent to 2 weeks.
3, 2 class technology maintains, after accumulative total works 500 hours, a duty is equivalent to a quarter
One, safeguard daily
1, clean the bilge on forklift, clay and dirty dust, key place is: Filter of forked column of electrode of fork wearing and mast slideway, dynamo and starter, accumulator, cistern, air.
2, the close solid case that examines each position, the key is: Fork wearing bearing, remove heavy catenary bolt of taut screw, wheel, wheel is fixed annul, bolt of brake, steering gear.
3, the dependability that checks steering gear, flexibility.
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