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Forklift removes the maintenance conserve of heavy system
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Heavy system is the device of the immediate job that forklift has assembling and unassemble working since forklift, the discharge of goods is put, stow is finished finally by its, so it is the component with the mainest forklift. The need in using often strengthens conserve, in order to carry its good technical condition.
Tear open outfit and adjust
Inside, outer mast. Between each main component part that the system weighs since forklift, all have opposite campaign. Among them mast of inside and outside forms one kinematic pair, fork wearing and inside mast forms one kinematic pair. To raise the athletic precision of each kinematic pair, reduce each moving link mutual the attrition force between, reduce oscillatory noise, increase the truckload side direction stability when forked discharging content, the side gyro wheel that mast of inside and outside reachs fork wearing to go up all has adjust spacer. Pass the adjustment of spacer, make gyro wheel of fork wearing side and inside the clearance between mast, the clearance between gyro wheel of mast of inside and outside and mast of inside and outside, below the circumstance that freelies relative to motion, meantime unoccupied place value is not more than 1mm. When the space that designs a regulation more than when gyro wheel or clearance of coincide type mast, gyro wheel needs to undertake adjustment or change, in order to assure scroll or slip clearance, reduce clash, prevent goods to slip from fork piece. Mast is sectional dimension of alar predestined relationship (ply) reduce Lmm above or whole mast to set transverse size (Chekuan direction) be more than above of set dimension 2.5mm, occurrence mast is out of shape or when warp, all need to change mast, use security in order to assure.
Oriented pulley and remove heavy catenary. When chain is assembled, the tensile force of two chain should equal, suffer carry as far as possible even, cannot have screwy appearance, the roll after two chain wheel are installed is agile. Thick, fork grows the two fork fork of conjugate should roughly equal. Two fork vertical section and horn of horizontal Duan Ga also should agree. After fork of two fork mount is worn, the plane on its should maintain inside same plane. The biggest length that adjusts a heavy catenary should rise in fork to the greatest load-lifting height (namely lifting jack piston raises consummate limit) when undertake, a heavy catenary after adjusting is unfavorable too close, be in normally Lm altitude, inflict 5ON force at chain, bending is out of shape most greatly 2Omm is qualification namely. When undertaking conserve every time, should go up with chain chain wheel inside outer mast channel internally add note grease, in order to make sure its lubricate goodly, reduce the attrition of each kinematic pair. Heavy system has in broad view medium, two remove litre of crock (oil cylinder) the journey should equal, lu Yingchang of respective oil inlet pipe is connected. The end panel on lever of force plunger of two oil cylinder should with inside bracket of mast, chain wheel is contacted at the same time.
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