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Lynd of special report of Chinese forklift network (China) Wen Ce of general man
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Visit Lynd (China) Wen Ce of general manager of forklift limited company Mr Er
(About Lynd (China) of forklift limited company interview a record)

Lynd forklift, the forklift to China is a very familiar name for the user. This is located in Germany Weisibadeng's transnational corporation, the territory is carried in stock, will be on world banner standing all the time for years. Lynd (China) forklift limited company is Germany the Lynd group production in the Asia, sale, service and technical support base, be located in city of Fujian Province Xiamen, always invest 1.7 billion RMB, it is current home and even Asian dimensions the forklift manufacturer with the most advanced equipment of the biggest, technology. Lynd is determined to invest China to begin from 1993, had taken 12 year nowadays. Recently, " Chinese forklift net " reporter a certain number of problems with respect to Lin Dezhong country, interviewed Lynd (China) Wen Ce of general manager of forklift limited company Mr Er.

Chinese forklift net: General manager gentleman of respect, allow me to thank you to be in on behalf of Chinese forklift net please busy official acceptance our interview. Well-known; Lynd is country's at present biggest foreign trader manufacturer of traffic of solely invested industry. These more than 10 years, lynd forklift conquers with superior product quality not only client, and already made the first brand of market of domestic high-grade forklift. What we want the first issue to your consult is: Lin Dezao enters China before more than 10 years when, be how does stock of look upon China carry the market? You are to be based on the angle of what to consider Chinese forklift market, make you are like stick one's chin out of this courage pleasant to throw huge fund to build an Asia to create base in China thereby?

Lukewarm plan Er: Above all, we believe: Asian market will turn a burgeoning important forklift into the market, and among them the Asia is the most important the market that has energy most - China will become more and more important to world forklift market. Look now, the expression of Chinese market had proved us at the outset judgement is correct. And look from another angle, to participate in the development of the market better, best method is yourself is participated in personally come in, this also is one of original intention that we set a plant in China at that time, is not to let agential dealer import a product to sell a product in China only, because such, we are spent to the participation of this market with respect to meeting decrescent. Current and character, we the choice at that time already also was proved to be correct decision-making. Believe the development as Chinese forklift market, lynd also will obtain better progress.

Chinese forklift net: Germany of global rank tertiary is at present additional force of eternity of manufacturer of a forklift has entered China, and bought Ning Bo flexibly (the Asia's oldest hand moves forklift manufacturer) one share share, can predict they are in before long also can be in China to make likewise high quality forklift in the future (even if, lasting force is in China of the market have ratio is very limited) . Regard high quality forklift of Germany as manufacturer likewise, in Chinese market, whether do you regard the competitor with potential future as lasting force? Especially storage forklift (narrow passageway domain) respect, lynd whether in a planned way the product with these technical high content, put in Chinese factory to make the competition ability that enhances the market thereby, is there schedule? You whether divulge Lynd forklift is homebred the rate that change how?
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