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Lynd of special report of Chinese forklift network (China) Wen Ce of general man
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Lukewarm plan Er: Speak of competition, we had been used to competing, so any competitors we are same. In the meantime, we also welcome to compete. No matter be in China it may not be a bad idea, in foreign it may not be a bad idea, we always can come up against a competitor, so we can have answered the competitive condition of this kind of survival of the fittest well. And in fact the competitor's existence, to us itself and the development to whole market have profit. The competitor exists, force us to must rise ceaselessly in the respect such as product, service, be helpful for the better progress of the market thereby. Additional, we take every competitor seriously very much, without giving thought to which competitor, we can adopt corresponding market strategy, and be aimed at lasting force only not just. And the good qualities that we also are willing to acquire them from competitor body in order to make we become more powerful.
Homebred change the end that is us. Because homebred change what to Chinese client character means cost to reduce. Homebred change can reduce import revenue, reduce the cost of carriage cost and other respect, have cost to can be being reduced our client so. And in fact, lin Deyong is far what seeking the oldest rate is homebred change, in what make sure quality premise leaves the oldest rate homebred change. But the differring that divides the work as a result of each national industries, to the core component of a few high-tech we do not have method to find coequal quality or better part to replace in China, so we or need import crucial perhaps to a few core part. But in other respect, we had been accomplished 60% or of 45% homebred change rate.

Chinese forklift net: At present everybody knows, besides Lynd forklift, the forklift that Lindeji still has 3 brands below round banner (STILL, OM, small pine) , about STILL:
I want to ask general manager the gentleman: STILL forklift is a brand that belongs to Lynd company originally, will be in China to sell through the agent all the time for years, tong Linde develops competition in same market (individual of course likelihood is malign competition) . group of this pair of Lynd, is wasteful? What is the fixed position of STILL forklift itself in Chinese market? Whether can you also serve as independent brand to be produced in China in the future? Also or disappear from Chinese market? Also or the current situation that maintains STILL forklift to be sold in Chinese market representative?
About OM:
OM forklift also belongs to Lynd group, also assemble in base of Lin Desha door at present. My inquisitive is, what are the price of OM forklift and market fixed position? Can you be in personally to Lindeben does high-end product domain create the pressure on the sale? Client group repeat likely? In the future, additional choose assembles OM like likelihood and small pine and create base?
About small pine:
Well-known, group of German forest heart is mixed before 4 years company of Japanese small pine undertakes in forklift domain the strategy forms an alliance with share of mutual hold the other side, small loose forklift once made base undertake assemble and be manufacturinged in Lynd's China for a time, the manufacturer that small nowadays pine builds him in Shandong proper motion and independent sale network. Be based on such overall arrangement, you how the relation of the small loose He Linde that look upon regards independent brand as?
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