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Lynd of special report of Chinese forklift network (China) Wen Ce of general man
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Lukewarm plan Er: This is in our company in-house, we call it much brand is politic, this is our company's very main operation strategy. Strategy of this many brand is the diversification that is based on market development and of set. Because the market is met in the future more and more the trend of head diversification develops, various clients have various diverse demand, different be fond of, different habit. Lin Defa extends much brand strategy, every different brand has different market fixed position and market strategy, corresponding at different client, diverse demand, different market. Our strategy, not be the forklift 3 different brands is sold same a client, sell the forklift of different brand different client however, satisfy the requirement of different client. Accordingly, of this whole to us company grow not only not be a kind of waste, and the market that is growth of additionally one kind of stimulative high speed is politic.
And the established strategy that STILL has the sale also is us through acting channel. Because we are impossible to also resemble Lynd to other brand,forklift has very large investment euqally, build a big plant. And when investment builds this plant at that time, we can have undertaken manufacturing machining for other brand, e.g. small pine, OM, produce treatment likely also in the future for STILL.
I do not think STILL can disappear. No less than is like world other country and area, STILL has its specific client, have the special skill or knowledge of itself, although it passes the practice that agency compares inferior attune this kind to be on Chinese market,develop, but won't disappearing inside brief period. Our factory can help production of STILL of OM, side, so they won't move out in the future, can continue to be produced in Lynd factory.

Chinese forklift net: General manager gentleman, we know, lynd surmounts his competitor with the quality of the product and function not just, and with oneself apple-pie after service more get the better of one prepare. But we discover a problem (the view that perhaps is my individual) , day fastens forklift to be guarded in that way unlike European forklift in respect of its after service. That is to say, be in at present on this market, the Wu of forklift fittings kimono of Japanese series is not certain by its itself place is controlled. Giving people a kind of sense so is, lynd forklift quality is exceedingly great, and absolutely and top-ranking, but the optional sex of its after service and can compare a gender very few. Do not know you how look upon this problem?

Lukewarm plan Er: You asked a very crucial question. To our Lynd company, after service is not just change a fittings or help you twist screw, change a tire so simple. In after service respect, we have a commitment to the client, it is the whole life that the client is using our forklift period in, we can be offerred for the client ensure the fittings of quality, we have the time that a reasonable client approbates on fittings date of delivery, we also have very reasonable reaction time to service demand of the client. Buy a replacement in the market, if not professional a replacement that may buy a holiday, but the fittings that Lindedi offers assures is fittings of Lin Deyuan factory, and the most important is, exchange fittings it may not be a bad idea, service may as well, the professional engineer that the product of content of this kind of hi-tech needs to train strictly by the course helps change or be maintained, and the engineer that just of the engineer after our carry out is the major that passes rigorous training, can ensure forklift course changes high quality maintains after fittings and maintenance.
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