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Lynd of special report of Chinese forklift network (China) Wen Ce of general man
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And look from another angle, if forklift moves in without occurrence problem, of course everybody can sit easily in here. But when forklift occurrence breakdown, a lot of goods have not enough time to carry when going out, you change with respect to need an urgent fittings. If yourself searchs to the market (you a moment ago said no less than oneself go buying) , the likelihood can appear problem, because forklift component breed is very much, you can not find completely equal part certainly, but if the after service of Lin Decheng Nuo, want you to make a telephone call only, dial a telephone number to be able to solve a problem, such clients are very relaxed, need not oneself seek a replacement anxiously to the market, and the possibility that cannot find appropriate forklift a replacement is very large. Lynd (China) can offer the rapid and seasonable fittings that makes you satisfactory to serve, want you to make a telephone call only, our engineer can help you change immediately fittings, at the same time we return acceptance to give urgent processing to a few urgent fittings.
In the west, look from professional point of view, they think they should be engaged in oneself most the business of core. Want to put idea on core business that is to say. Will tell to the client, their major servicing is the production that how will undertake him himself, is not beautiful time seeks forklift a replacement to the market. He can choose to hit a phone to find professional service, why to spend energy to seek these a replacement to the market again even, he can put these energy completely on his own core business.

Chinese forklift net: People says, the industrial car manufacturing industry that the company gives Lynd China brought current world's newest technology, and engrafted brand-new content sheds service concept. And in fact, come more than 10 years, lynd fostered the outstanding thing with not little amount to to shed service qualified personnel to China, the talent that goes out from Lynd is in many domains (differ choose a site for the capital pursues forklift trade) work very outstandingly. In some sense, this drove Chinese content to shed equipment manufacturing industry and service line of business to follow undoubtedly the pace of the world develops. Accordingly, the personage inside course of study often jokes: Lynd is the Huang Bu military school of Chinese forklift and content popularity course of study! Look from another level, this is not say Lin Deren just flows very big, I feel however, this is the affirmation that serves Chinese market to Lynd and praise! Do not know you are right the view of this problem how?

Lukewarm plan Er: This is the problem of a more difficult answer, because we know,a few compare first-class staff to leave our Lynd. But we think all the time: We now is work together with first-class staff. On the other hand, we know employee grooms is a very high investment, want to train basic employee into first-class staff to need huge to invest. But, groom costlily investment is on employee body, it is very valuable very be necessary, because this will help employee improve integrated quality, the client that can be us finally better serves. So we still will insist to increase the investment that grooms to employee henceforth, it is the most important that because be opposite,the client's satisfaction is spent for us. When first-class staff leaves us, we feel very regretful. But after should seeing a few first-class staff leave, also develop very well, we also unfeignedly feels glad for them, also bless them to be able to develop weller here.
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