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Lynd of special report of Chinese forklift network (China) Wen Ce of general man
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Every company has different company culture, different company concept, first-class to much stuff will tell, what he searchs is not a job, however feeling of a kind of self-identity, value sense, one kind suits the enterprise atmosphere that he develops. With respect to our Lynd company character, our company may have a place with other company different, in us company start is compared tall, taller also to the standard requirement of employee. Be told so to some employee, because,they leave our company is they not quite get used to such high level strict requirement, so midway abandoned, but the company that the employee that insists to stay can discover to our company dispute often suits them to develop slowly.

Chinese forklift net: General manager gentleman, we discover an absorbing problem, on Chinese market, europe is forklift (Lynd, lasting force is given priority to) , its product is given priority to with be being sold continuously in Chinese staple market. Day Han is forklift (Feng Tian, 3 water chestnut, small pine, day is produced, contemporary, big house) , its product is given priority to with acting sale in Chinese staple market. Of course North America forklift (Haisite) not exceptional also. What I should ask is; Is Lynd is in Europe also to be sold continuously? Adopt on Chinese market sell continuously give priority to, be to consideration of a what kind of strategy be based on? The road that Lynd will be in China to you still can go straight to sell?

Lukewarm plan Er: The has more than 1000 possibly book on the world is stressing of low quality of what of actor of sale system what, it is the kind that sells continuously the way that still is agency very is good. I cannot say or state with certainty which kinds of way is better, but the real case that we have us. Above all we have a principle, we should offer the product kimono Wu of high quality to Chinese client. We are in Europe 12 years ago is sold through agency, just went to China when, we also want to find the agency that accords with European agency standard very much, but special regret, await us to did not find such agency in those days, because whole market is insufficient,perhaps be mature or the reason of other respect. And if give us to think business,we think unqualified agency, in China to our business development has very big risk, so we decide through direct sale the network is done at that time, look for a few appropriate agency to regard as slowly again next additional sale shift. Forklift business is not the business that earns fast money, agency needs to have very large investment - in tool respect, in personnel respect, grooming the respect needs very large investment, make money not easily immediately, accordingly major agency may lose confidence, unlike be in Europe, agency passes the harden oneself of period of time, to oneself the development in the future had had those who make clear to anticipate. If we look for a few unqualified agency to serve as a partner, our client can generate suspicion to such agency, generate suspicion to our product then, consequently the likelihood is not willing from us here buy a car.
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