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Lynd of special report of Chinese forklift network (China) Wen Ce of general man
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I believe firmly now, pass this ten years run, go up in Chinese market at present, those who pass ourselves is straight sell a network to meet than acting as agent through agency the sale has an advantage more. Why? Because Chinese place is too great, go to Shenzhen from Harbin, arrive from Urumqi Xiamen, every place person has the thinking kind of every place person, the management concept of the company is not same also, if we are in every place to create agency, they may have their different concept, have oneself different culture, different thinking kind, and we hope to be built in China top-ranking, unified administrative pattern, the after service car of the company culture with big unified thinking means, centralized technological process, centralized housekeeping money, uniform standard, unified groom course, unified engineer maintains quality level, and so much agency is the standard that establishs very hard to be united so. So, what we think to pass ourselves is straight sell a system, no matter China has,can accomplish better how old the standard is unified.
Cite a case for, inside our current system, after service engineer has 4 kinds of different level to senior engineer from primary engineer, every kinds of different level grooms through what differ course, practice and working experience try to distinguish, through different job practice is reached groom course helps them get rising. And at the same time we also have a special systematic in order to to judge an area, or an engineer should serve at how many forklift, every engineer deserves to have portable computer, they pass portable computer to be able to undertake breakdown diagnose to forklift on the spot. So perfect after service system, agency is accomplished very hard.
Serve to be a client better, we take sell a network seriously very much all the time. Ten years ago, ten RMBs invested when we build this plant, in the past in ten years, we invested in succession again about the same similar fund sells a network to go up in us, in order to builds the branch of the network, groom personnel, investment maintains car of tool, after service and computer system to wait, these follow-up investment are equivalent to new and reconstructive the capital that institute of a plant needs. Why should be we done so? It is to assure to be on Chinese market, the client that can be us offers top-ranking product kimono Wu.

Chinese forklift net: Limited company of forklift of Lin Desha door now already more the name is “ Lynd (China) ” of forklift limited company, what do this mean?

Lukewarm plan Er: Lynd (China) forklift limited company, start from Xiamen ten years ago, because be,follow Xiamen forklift factory at that time joint-stock, because this used “ Lin Desha,door ” regards a company as the name. Through development of ten years, original title cannot have represented our current condition. We already became solely invested company 1999, in the meantime, xiamen is headquarters and manufacturing base only, we already had 40 in home many branches, business already grew all countrywide provinces, city, municipality and even Asian area. Use “ Lynd (China) this name can mirror ” better our current development condition. Also mirrorred Lynd to increase development scope in China at the same time, accelerate the determination that grows rate and confidence.
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