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Lynd of special report of Chinese forklift network (China) Wen Ce of general man
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Chinese forklift net: General manager gentleman, before long industry rumor has domestic international forklift before the tycoon is in and a big forklift company of domestic negotiates, exchange views buy and joint-stock matters concerned. My individual guesses, is Lindeji round whether also in place oneself this matter? If have this matter really, can you deny disclose some of detail? This will be the incident with Chinese forklift eye-catching bound, having great sense.

Lukewarm plan Er: If have so major issue really, so this is certainly very great decision-making with the plan. If it has not been made public external, so the specification shows level unsuited still make public external, if had been made public external aptly, then you should know is what thing, you should be OK tell me. (breath out, , , , , )

Chinese forklift net: General manager gentleman, we know, line of business sheds in global content of swift and violent development today, forklift sorts the most important equipment in equipment as content, carrying a lot of safety, health and environmental protection also arise in waiting for a process (EHS problem) the problem of the respect. For instance the speeding problem of forklift, tail gas discharges overload of problem, forklift to protect forklift of problem, liquid gas to light gas to reveal problem of blind area of perspective of forklift of problem, exalted stow etc. Lynd regards the whole world as one of the biggest forklift manufacturer, whether are there specific safeguard and technology in these respects? Excuse me general manager gentleman, of what appearance is prospective forklift? Safe, environmental protection, efficiency, is be opposite with quality coequal and important forklift? How is Lynd done?

Lukewarm plan Er: Above all, answer the first your question, lynd (China) the person that be in the past is trend of development of Chinese forklift industry 12 years all the time to lead. Lin Deyi rolls out new technology, new product, a lot of competitors catch up with come. Of course, we also welcome them to be done so, because pass technical innovation, their client also got benefit. And Lynd company has to last changeless idea is in ceaselessly namely technical respect get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, undertake revolutionary innovation ceaselessly in the other respect such as forklift efficiency, security, in order to make our final user satisfactory.
About the 2nd problem, to the view of prospective forklift, I do not think to be able to have epoch-making or revolutionary forklift horizontal stroke is born for nothing. Can see at this o'clock from the forklift 30 years ago, there is the model of a forklift 30 years ago in my office, we can see 30 years come the progress of forklift is bit by bit, or is mast respect a few improve, or is noise respect a few improve, or is other operating system a few improve, improve a process that is every little bit, accumulate over a long period newlier of forklift technology so. And this kind is improved final also be jumping-off place with client demand. But I can talk about direction of a few development, our company is doing further research to develop to forklift the sources of energy now, e.g. engine, what use so is derv, benzine, perhaps use phone, with liquid gas, but the forklift that we are using hydrogenous fuel cell one kind in development now, this is one can improve efficiency and the development direction of environmental protection, because water is after hydric combustion, did not pollute. Still have way of a development, rise as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, the proportion that labour cost holds in company cost will be larger and larger, be in Europe for example, forklift driver is very expensive, so we are considering how to can make forklift operates computerization, reduce the labor intensity of forklift driver, improve the work efficiency of forklift driver, raise easy measurable, create a favorable working environment for forklift driver. What so Lynd company is doing is the respect every little bit such as the environmental protection that you a moment ago mentioned, comfortable sex, security, efficiency improve, rise ceaselessly. Additional, when we speak of prospective forklift, with respect to the demand that must speak of a client, in our client, the client's demand has a such tendency, they must not buy forklift, be willing to rent forklift more however, and rent not be forklift itself only, and likely a driver, hired the service entirely. Will tell to the client, those who rent is business only. They should spend money to hire business only it is good to come in, and the fixed assets that does not need oneself to buy forklift to become his, do not need oneself to manage forklift. What so Lynd should do is the plan that hires client development to suit them to need more in the light of these. This also is the direction of a development.
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