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Lynd of special report of Chinese forklift network (China) Wen Ce of general man
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Chinese forklift net: General manager gentleman, allow me to ask this question please, everybody knows, lynd group is the forklift manufacturer with the biggest whole world all the time before 2002. Later, after company of forklift of Japanese abundant cropland bought company of Swedish BT industry, jump reside the first. But in the Asia, in Chinese market, forklift is in Lynd of high-end market have leading still is the biggest. You are like to this rank why view?

Lukewarm plan Er: Above all, before 2002, lynd's rank is the first all the time, this also is we expect to our, we hope we can hold leadership position in industry from beginning to end, we also are a target with this all the time. But rank about these data, it is very important to assume you think, it is to be able to have various computational methods, if the computational method according to other, we still can be discharged be in the first. The 2nd respect, we insist to become the leader of the market in product technology, service and concept respect all the time. Have a rank by sale, it is a respect that measures leadership position merely just, and can measure those who lead a position to still have a lot of sides in fact, incorporate newest technology, include a service, the initiate that includes a trend is waited a moment, and Lynd is in these respects, it is the precede person of world market from beginning to end.

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