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Carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future, with when all is entered
Why total carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future is by no means the footmark along others, exceed those who pass 20 years to feel in division Buddhist nun by right of its however roll about go all out, depend on its market of Shanghai of the experience at the beginning of 2001, a few years short, sale in successive years is climbed litre, make know well of content shedding industry ripe not only “ division Buddhist nun ” brand, dilettante also click of the tongue says strange, unmanned not dawn.

Keniji's round president holds Mr CEO Rekka Lundmark concurrently attending 2 period the investment that expresses to will increase pair of China when factory opening ceremony

Division Buddhist nun crane antedates on 80 time enter the century Chinese market, in the past 20 old, each industrial domains that are in China get application and approbate. Burn like machinery of papermaking course of study, steely industry, haven, power plant, rubbish processing, petro-chemical, general manufacturing industry, offer to produce content to flow various effective solution.

“ turns scenic tide as China International increasingly remarkable, a lot of our partners come to Chinese market. Division Buddhist nun has exceeded 30% of whole group share in the portion of Chinese market nowadays, return meeting more in the future. China is opposite not only division Buddhist nun, all to us manufacturer, it is a very capacious arena. Why is ” always China to division Buddhist nun the within one's grasp of prospective confidence in victory of the market, at the same time agree Shanghai is a when be different from Chinese other city special area, face the market of the whole world completely as, it is division Buddhist nun more the Chongzhongzhi that will increase investment strength henceforth is heavy, buddhist nun of next year division still will be in Shanghai circumjacent area investment builds a plant. Accordingly, the price issue of market of the China when arrive suddenly first makes the protective screen of impassable no longer already, how to maintain quality outstanding, advanced technique while develop new product to become urgent matter hard in the light of market demand, and take in sale, carry out and of all kinds fall together with multibarrel of respect of product technology support, just be as Chinese division Buddhist nun the road of the inevitable thinking of palm door person. Although garrison Chinese person of the same trade is increasing, competition is increasingly bitter also, but, right why always, at present Chinese mainland still cannot find the company of land of one family belongs that rivals completely with division Buddhist nun. The effort that perserve and outstanding talent resource make crane becomes division Buddhist nun one of leaders of crane domain.
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