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Rich is shown loving care for greatly, deep ploughing does not cease -- seek div
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It is with the person this, inside and outside holds concurrently long

Why to always think the first element that sells a product is not the product that dashs along to introduce his to the client, in order to strive for the largest market share; However listen respectfully, the aspirations of client of careful listen respectfully, understand the client's requirement, help client solves them the bottleneck of actual and real difficulty, this ability is the primary quality that the salesperson should have Buddhist nun of a division most. Without the client that cannot become to division Buddhist nun greatly, also do not have small the client that does not wish to do to division Buddhist nun, no matter Buddhist nun of size client family retains the service of same high level.

2 period the productivity that the put into production of the factory improved division Buddhist nun further, perfected product structure line

Sweep why total office, the calligraphy and painting of Chinese tradition cans be found everywhere, and paste is orderly. As the leader that has heavy industry to get one of bellwether, he Zongfei often notices the marrow of Chinese Confucianism, value each stuff that wear for the meticulous in the future conscientious job of division Buddhist nun, at the same time Yi Shenxian privates does not divide day and night to be it farther brilliant and bright and spare no effort in the performance of one's duty. The reason that why always thinks Kenisheng is born not to cease is satisfying client requirement at going all lengths not only, and this kind is with the person this the idea applied division Buddhist nun likewise on the body of each employee.

Almost every month has the division Buddhist nun that comes from different branch groom toward Europe before employee study, and be from understanding whole the science and technology of the foremost follow that has heavy industry begins, be not bureau be confined to his own own job. Such, let while employee gains new knowledge, be opposite the future of whole family Buddhist nun is 100 beneficial are not had kill. Although what use,do not poor, but why to always think always clinging at “ division Buddhist nun each employee of career ” should enjoy the opportunity that grooms to this kind. This is the true attitude that is in charge of also also be in charge of to the company to the client to employee already. 3 sectional general manager of Chinese division Buddhist nun are this locality talent completely, division Buddhist nun develops today's current situation, cooperate wholeheartedly from what do not drive this batch of first-class staff, cooperative act vigorously is entered. Each employee that “ always works in division Buddhist nun, should get their chance fairly, why does ” always say so.

Open up 2 period new scope of operation
Current, the main client that division Buddhist nun centers at power plant part in China if nuclear power plant of hill of Yue Yang power plant, the Qin Dynasty, outside tall bridge power plant 2 period and city seat of government is major life rubbish of project Jiang Qiao burns the factory is waited a moment. Division Buddhist nun won't be satisfied at already some current situations, besides agency of and other places of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, still follow China “ western and other places of Xining of development of big development ” , Qinghai, the client beyond development Shanghai, include power plant share.
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