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Rich is shown loving care for greatly, deep ploughing does not cease -- seek div
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Be based on the long-term your kind effort of each respect of government of Shanghai Pu Tuo district to support, the ages ago development that base oneself upon heads at peach riverside, weigh equipment at holding division Buddhist nun to rise on November 30, 2005 royal 2 period practice celebration. New plant will regard Keniji as the group the center of the 3rd technology besides headquarters Finland and United States, product kimono Wu will be covered in this technology center two chunk. Include sale, project, make and project management. The flourish and flourishs together vision that the future that proved division Buddhist nun to will shed line of business as Chinese carrying trade and content at the same time develops and determination, and this new 2 period just future is in division Buddhist nun China the one part of development. Pass 2 period the practice of the factory, division Buddhist nun will be strengthened closely the connection with many sided of this locality partner and communicate, begin to develop the high quality product that has local distinguishing feature ceaselessly from research and development, with from beginning to end the concept of client of press close to perfects ego ceaselessly, perfect product structure line. Rely on division Buddhist nun the employee group with full passion and come from the consideration at do one's best of each respect friend and help, influence farther development international market through Chinese this locality. The product sale of division Ni Zaihua also is 50% be aimed at local client, 50% be aimed at overseas market.
Why ground of total in spirits spoke of Beijing 2008 the infinite business chance of the Olympic Games, and spirit of the “ green that Olympic Games place advocates, science and technology, humanitarian ” has been applied adequately by its in his management concept, from get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh of environmental protection angle, with humanitarian consideration at the client at company staff, the catchword “ that the effort of square field surface is sure to be like Beijing Olympic Games is taller, faster, stronger ” , of division Buddhist nun 2 period also will be the fountainhead with its more powerful infuse and thick accumulate break out.

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