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Interview setting data:
Dannahe, this by " fortune " magazine " the United States most get American company " , held water 1984, had become year of sale to surpass the global industry of 8 billion dollar nowadays, have its original successful law like that.
Drive of red accept conspicuous is the subsidiary of group of conspicuous of American red accept, the motion that drive of red accept conspicuous abounds with its controls system and component product, offerred unique solution to select an opportunity for the client, in order to satisfy its specific application requirement.
Be in early 1996, industrial car is used in report (forklift and AGV) domain, drive of conspicuous of American red accept (Danaher Motion) company took the lead in rolling out generation alternating current machine and drive system, and with straight - communication commutation technology is leading forklift market. And nowadays, supplier of car of before drive of red accept conspicuous offers before banner communication drive system gives the whole world 10 forklift manufacturer and whole world 50 AGV.
Accordingly, chinese forklift net (Www.chinaforklift.com) a certain number of issues such as the application in industrial traffic domain are used in report with respect to communication drive system, covered agency of Beijing of company of transmission of conspicuous of American red acceptSelling manager of electric traffic systemMr Yang Xiaojun.

   Chinese forklift net: Poplar manager, thank you to be in busy in accept Chinese forklift web interview! We know, be in early 1996, you took the lead in rolling out generation to communicate system of electric machinery drive, whether talk is at present this kind of technology in Dannahe the progress circumstance of dynamoelectric forklift domain? Does your individual think the meeting is right what kind of influence does Chinese forklift market bring?
   Poplar manager: So far, controller of speed of alternating current engine has been product of the Five Dynasties, traffic controller has been the 2nd acting product, and new product also has been rolled out, this technology tells already special maturity to Dannahe.
Regard Dannahe as system of electric car drive, offer hardware product to the client not only, still offer the solution of forklift drive system of one a complete set of to the user at the same time.
Product of communication drive system is the system that is based on CANopen bus line, main wait by display unit of interface of controller of traffic controller, electric machinery speed, user, electric machinery.
Traffic main control implement it is a kind of current controller that develops for electric car only, what at present the client uses is VMC20 of the 2nd acting product. VMC20 is based on processor of Texas number signal to execute CPU function, by DC/DC, PWM, the module such as CAN is comprised. VMC20 restricts the process designing of OEM, as a result of memory resource, the reason of I/O, those who limitted more function is patulous, have limitary only electro-hydraulic control solution, defend grade is IP54. Recently, traffic controller of Dannahe rolled out VMC30 of new the 3rd acting product. VMC30 is based on advanced embedded pilot processor kernel, make CPU kernel solution is contained patulous become a possibility. VMC30 also by DC/DC, PWM, the module such as CAN is comprised, it but OEM process designing, mix through application development safeguard can undertake the user is controlled, reduced design and time of applied process designing. VMC30 still includes electro-hydraulic control, long-range visit, USB interface, increased to diagnose a function, make pilot option card becomes a possibility additionally. VMC30 is one general control platform, it supports the application of different type, from Canion, VMC20 develops the VMC30 of the 3rd generation, for the technology in the future changeover has made preparation. VMC30 defends grade is IP65. This new product this year the bottom will be rolled out in April, had begun to use on the product that new user develops, once obtain a client to approbate, we will begin dimensions to turn production. Existing of course product still can continue to use at present.
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