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Decipher " Hangzhou fork speed " -- visit president of Inc. of machine of Zhejia
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Decipher " Hangzhou fork speed "
-- visit Zhao Limin of president of Inc. of machine of Zhejiang Hangzhou forked project

-- visit Zhao Limin of president of Inc. of machine of Zhejiang Hangzhou forked projectGuide languageGuide language
Zhao Limin: International market competition covers a range more and more development and intense, rely on to defend battle is to protect do not come " home " , participate in competition actively only, active in competition enterprising, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, stress distinguishing feature, ability has the land that establishs a body on the international market.
Ability has the land that establishs a body on the international market.. IntroductiveIntroductive
Inc. of machine of Zhejiang Hangzhou forked project (abbreviation " Hangzhou fork " ) it is a Laoguo that having 50 old histories look forward to makes national Inc. through changing 2 times, began to produce forklift 1974, sales revenue achieved nearly 2 billion yuan 2006 (predict to will achieve nearly 3 billion yuan 2007) , aggregate index of industrial economic benefits is successive 7 year occupy forklift industry the first. The industry of arms of the person at the head of a procession that is Chinese forklift industry, current before already ascending stock of group of one's life experience carries equipment to create a company 16 strong.
To enlarge forklift and new product productivity further, "Hangzhou fork " share decision is faced in Hangzhou install economic developing zone to invest construction " garden of Zhejiang Hangzhou forked industry " . Project of this industry garden covers an area of 516 mus, plan the end of the year realized complete go into operation 2008, predict to amount to postpartum " Hangzhou fork " produce body year after year forklift 60 thousand productivity, sales revenue will achieve 6 billion yuan. "Hangzhou fork " the target is industrial garden construction becomes country banner, world's advanced modern stock carries equipment research and development to create base, ascend at an early date to realize a company before bound of one's life experience 10 strong lay solid foundation. Taking revered state of mind, the reporter was walked into " Hangzhou fork " , compare the dot of the care with respect to the businessman, "Hangzhou fork " Mr Zhao Limin is in president 100 busy in gave an answer. Pass through " Hangzhou fork " development speed and act criterion, we saw forklift industry " giant " form.

We saw forklift industry " giant " form.. TextText
  Reporter: Inc. of machine of Zhejiang Hangzhou forked project changes since making, obtain the result that fix eyes upon. Ask you to talk " Hangzhou fork " development?
   Zhao Limin president: "Hangzhou fork " system of 8 years reforms way, all previous classics 3 period of time. For system of perfect and contemporary company, "Hangzhou fork " press strictly appear on the market requirement standard is run. While the mechanism is reformed, right original " big and complete " manufacturing mode also undertook complete " operation " . The structural adjustment 2005 is very crucial, later successive 3 years rate of capital steam again achieves 100 % , cost also fell lowest. 2007, hangzhou fork is entered change the 8th year that fast and efficient development lasts after making, 1 - implementation will sell forklift in August 25, 905, grow 40.3% compared to the same period, export forklift among them 6, 699, grow 54.1% compared to the same period, each index again refresh history record, achieve the history best level.
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