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Li Xiangzu: "Where there is a will there is a way "
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(Li Xiangzu of general manager of limited company of machinery of project of contemporary capital of Beijing of special report of Chinese forklift network)

KoreaContemporaryHeavy industry group established Jiangsu at entering Chinese market in January 1995 contemporary, and with JiangsuContemporaryThe foundation is in the successful experience of Chinese operation, to make the effect of contemporary and as complementary as Jiangsu cooperation is achieved the biggest change, in September 2002 KoreaContemporaryHeavy industry group and Beijing capital Electromechanical accused a finite liability company to establish Beijing hand in handContemporaryLimited company of capital project machinery. BeijingContemporaryBecoming country's biggest forklift, grab to make one of suppliers stage by stage, domestic forklift, grab produces the manufacturer with norms the most all ready breed, also become industry of forklift, grab to have one of development latent capacity, companies that have competition ability most most.
On October 16, 2007 - 19 days, beijingContemporaryAttend machine of project of the 9th Beijing to exhibit exhibition and technical communication to meet. That month 26 days, chinese forklift net (Www.chinaforklift.com) is stationed in northward reporter to was in the contemporary capital firm near bridge of Beijing Lu channel to have brief visit to be located, and again general manager of special interview Li Xiangzu. Li Zong is hopeful to life manner and the persistence to contemporary career, keep deep memory to the person that interview.
Chinese forklift net: Li Zong, allow me to represent Chinese forklift network please (Www.chinaforklift.com) thanks you to be in busy official acceptance our interview. Li Zong, be about to end this year, beijingContemporaryWhether can be the task this year finished?
Li Zong (kind smile) : Our target is 5500, we can achieve 5700. Next year the likelihood achieves 7000 at least, to 2010 10 thousand should do not have a problem.

Chinese forklift net: Domestic estimation has 2 forklift manufacturer to also can achieve the yield of 5000 forklift this year, whether can Li Zong feel pressure exists? ContemporaryForklift andContemporaryIs the car in euqally tremendous growth? Whether is there new product to come out before the end of the year?
Li Zong (self-confident) : Without pressure! ToContemporaryForklift andContemporaryFor the car, we are contemporary forklift can try hard without doubt. Before the end of the year the production equipment of the factory wants to improve, new-style date forklift will continue to develop.

Chinese forklift net: BeijingContemporaryCapital development is such fast, will you can setting a plant elsewhere?
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