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If move,forked network special report is sent in (Suzhou) general manager of saf
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If the clique is moved (Suzhou) special interview of general manager of safe system limited company
Interview With The General Manager Of Pyroban (Suzhou) Safety Systems Co. , ltd.

Setting introduction:
Background Of The Interview
If the clique moves group headquarters to be located in England, France and Holand. Since was built 1972, devote oneself to to offer advanced safety and environmental protection solution to the international market all the time, the engineering equipment with outstanding Pyroban and excellent client service already all over the world stock is carried, oil and natural gas and tail gas discharge the numerous and main industry such as control get inside the domain accepted. The explosion proof security that Pyroban provides and environmental protection solution, it is with the person this, guarantee your investment, protect our environment.
If the clique is moved (Suzhou) safe system limited company held water in May 2006, if move the solely invested subsidiary that the group establishs in China,be a clique, with serving the client of Asia-Pacific area better.
Chinese forklift net (if remove a certain number of issues after entering China,Www.chinaforklift.com) reporter is sent exclusive special interview if the clique moves company general manager Mr Wen Ailun (Mr. Alan Winn) .
The Headquarters Of Pyroban Ltd Are Located In UK, france And Holland. Since Her Foundation In 1972, pyroban Has Always Been Dedicating Herself In The Advanced Techniques Of Safety And Environmental Solutions Facing To The World Market. Pyroban's Engineering Excellence And Customer Service Have Been Recognized By Many Of The World's Major Industries Including Materials Handling, oil And Gas And Emissions Control. The Explosion Protection And Environmental Solutions Provided By Pyroban Follow The Principle Of ' Protecting People, their Investment And Our Environment ' .

Founded In May, 2006, pyroban (Suzhou) Safety Systems Co. , ltd. Is The Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Pyroban Ltd. , to Provide Better Service To Customers In Asian Area.

   Chinese forklift net: Good morning, mr Wen Ailun! Thank you to take out valuable time very much, those who accept us interview. We know, if the clique is moved in England to had had 30 old histories, established a plant last year again. You how the market of explosion proof forklift of look upon China? If is the clique moved in the move with new what will have next?
China Forklift: Good Morning, mr. Alan Winn! Thank You Very Much For Your Precious Time For Our Interview. As We All Know, pyroban Has A 30-years History In England. Last Year, she Built Her Factory In China. Could You Please Give Us A Picture Of The Forklift Truck Explosion Protection Market In Your Mind?
   Mr Wen Ailun: Very glad to can accept Chinese forklift web interview. Although just built Chinese plant formally last year, but before cooperating to be in early 20 years, had begun between we and China, we suffer at that time seek a service at Chinese home client. That moment basically is the kind that carries an import, the forklift that perhaps changes one's costume or dress need directly sends us foreign plant. Why to want to be produced in home now? Because the product requirement to respect of explosion proof system is chasing Chinese market to be added increasingly,be.
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