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Economy of the China after visitting Olympic Games of Kang Mingsi Hua Jinsheng w
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China gold gives birth to president of company of China of vice president of Kang Mingsi company, Kang Mingsi

Right progress of economy of 5 years of China is optimistic henceforth

Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for: Kang Mingsi serves as the company of a B2B, chinese society masses is not to understand very much, introduce simply please.
Hua Jinsheng: Kang Mingsi company is manufacturer of American power plant, design, make and cent is sold include processing system of clear system of the fuel system, control system, processing that take energy of life, filter, tail gas and power system inside engine reachs his relevant technology, provide corresponding after service. Kang Mingsi has stuff inside global limits 37800 people, 2007 sale 13 billion dollar, among them the international market beyond the United States is occupied 54% , produce per year engine 890 thousand, net income 739 million dollar.

Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for: Do you think Beijing Olympic Games is right the influence of Chinese economy how?
Hua Jinsheng: China is to hold the Olympic Games for the first time, beijing Olympic Games is very special, the person that has wanted to look waits for a few to want than Atlanta Olympic Games much, from Atlanta, Sydney, Greek He Luosha Ji Olympic Games looks, look from travel field, the tourist that after I discover the Olympic Games concludes, comes over is increasing. The infrastructure of Beijing city develops very well, although a lot of people had wanted to see an Olympic Games but without the opportunity, but they can come after the Olympic Games. Since this year, travel number of China is compared last year, the year before last year is gotten more much, this includes abroad and domestic fare.
Look from the infrastructure of Beijing, no matter be the infrastructure such as housing or square investment is very large, amount to 400 much dollars, of course a series of projects had not finished, but before 56 years of investment are very large, the economy of Beijing can continue to develop for certain. Because on one hand it is a capital, on the other hand so large investment already came in, so my individual includes Kang Mingsi company to develop to Beijing economy future very hopeful.
From the point of complete China, my individual thinks to want to see the result of macroscopical adjusting control, the GDP of next year China grows meeting general under mixed last year this year, increase rate is about 8% the left and right sides, I held upbeat mood to the development 2012 2009 to Chinese economy, outcome is likely under before a few years, but still develop.

Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for: What correlation do Beijing Olympic Games and Kang Mingsi company have?
Hua Jinsheng: Kang Mingsi began to cooperate with Beijing 1999, exert oneself improves Beijing environment quality, we have more than 10000 Ou San, Europe 4 still have natural gas engine to install go up in Beijing public transportation passenger car. Still have reserve generation set, there are several projects in Beijing, include what building of 3 boat station uses us to reserve dynamo.
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