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First selection of traffic of industry of heart dragon charger- - in general man
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First selection of traffic of industry of heart dragon charger
(male general manager of Ze of limited company of equipment of power of dragon of heart of Beijing of special report of Chinese forklift network)

Limited company of equipment of power of Beijing heart dragon held water 1997, be located in Beijing to understand state industry development, be in for European company China the solely invested enterprise of investment.
Of the European company that Beijing heart dragon got is in competence region has 30 old experience support energetically, the product uses the technology of Switzerland and Germany and design entirely, crucial part and component are imported by Germany. The charger that drawing batteries uses is Asian market design only, use extensively at dynamoelectric forklift, dynamoelectric golf the batteries charger of the equipment such as car of car, dynamoelectric travel sightseeing, dynamoelectric patron wagon, electric clean machine. Charger has the full automatic, muti_function, efficient, service life that prolongs batteries and the characteristic that save electric energy.
Beijing heart dragon is on market of charger of Asian drawing batteries be in lead position. Up to now the company already had 100 thousand charger to be used by broad user satisfaction in Asian area, at the same time the product sells as far as to Euramerican market. Later year of output of a few years of charger will exceed 25000. Beijing heart dragon passes ISO 9001-2000 certificate of quality. All products accord with CE standard, partial product obtains UL attestation.
On October 29, 2007, chinese forklift net (Www.chinaforklift.com) the company of power of Beijing heart dragon that accredits northward delegate to understand state industry development to be located in Beijing had brief visit, and male general manager of special interview Ze and Zhang Ke of manager of department of market of heart dragon company are sent, with respect to De Long product function and its market had a respect to undertake communicating.

Chinese forklift net: Ze total, piece manager, thank what you accept us to interview very much. Ze always, we know heart dragon charger is mixed basically of industrial traffic in high-end client form a complete set, does current form a complete set lead a case how?
Ze always: The client group that Yu Zhonggao of main form a complete set carries, in forklift domain, the market share that we have 40% above is Yu Zhonggao of form a complete set carries a client, foreign main client includes is global forklift industry discharges a before a few manufacturer, home also is such at present.

Chinese forklift net: Is heart dragon charger had is leading the first?
Ze always: Yes, without doubt we are the first, and come for years also be such.

Chinese forklift net: Is the form a complete set of heart dragon charger led why so tall? Afraid competitor try hard to catch up?
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